Controlling a computercraft turtle remotely

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  1. Install Redis:
  2. Install Webdis
  3. Start a minecraft server with computercraft. You will need to have the http API enabled, which is the default.
  4. Put down a turtle I recommend a turtle with a crafting square and a pickaxe. I also recommend giving it a label. If you’re not trying the turtle replication challenge, either disable fuel or get a fair bit of starting fuel. Write down the computer’s id.
  5. Put down a chunk loader, if you’re in a modpack that has them, or DON’T log out. Computers and turtles can’t operate unless the chunks are loaded. If you’re putting down a chunkloader, I surrounded them with bedrock for foolproofing.
  6. Open the turtle and download the following script, changing “” to your own redis instance: pastebin get 8FjggG9w startup
    After you have the script saved as ‘startup’, run it or reboot the computer, and it should start listening for instructions.
  7. On your local machine, save the following, again replacing “”:
  8. Run: rlwrap ./sshbot <ID>, where <ID> is the turtle’s ID. You should be able to send commands to the computer now.
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One Response to Controlling a computercraft turtle remotely

  1. Alex Booth says:

    Opening up ComputerCraft to the world using the http commands was an amazing idea from the developers!

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