Hack-A-Day, Day 20: Hillsfar Lockpicking Spritesheet

For today’s hack-a-day, I meant to clone the Hillsfar lockpicking minigame. Instead, I spent all day just extracting the sprites. But I had a nice chill time, so it was great.

Edit: See the updated post for the finished game.

Here’s the original minigame:

Here’s my spritesheet:

I made it by splitting up screenshots:

Hack-A-Day: Hack-A-Minigame

It’s november, and I’ve decided this month that I’m going to do 30 projects in 30 days. It’s an all-month hack-a-thon!

Today’s project is Hack-A-Minigame (demo, source). It’s the classic Snake, but the twist is you can only save and load the game. Rather than controlling the snake, it moves at random under AI control. You have to repeatedly save and load to make progress.

Credit to Jeff Lait’s “Save Scummer” 7-day roguelike for inspiration. Although actually, this whole minigame is mostly for a future project!

Hack-A-Day: Hack-A-Hell

It’s november, and I’ve decided this month that I’m going to do 30 projects in 30 days. It’s an all-month hack-a-thon!

Today’s project is Hack-A-Hell (demo, source). It’s a bullet hell game combined with a music visualizer.

I’m happy with this one, although it took way too long given yesterday’s project! I keep thinking I’ll be able to modify or re-use things quickly, and it’s not true.

P.S. Taking the next day or two off for thanksgiving

Multi-universe RPG toy

https://www.rpgsolo.com/ has a table for resolving yes/no questions, in turn taken from FU RPG. Roll a die:

  • Yes, and…
  • Yes…
  • Yes, but…
  • No, but…
  • No…
  • No, and…


Their example:

I listen at the door. Do I hear anything? (I determine the odds are 50/50 so I click the “50/50” button in the Get Answer section and I get back the following.)

Yes, and…

(Now it’s up to me to determine what that means. Since it says “and” that means I got some kind of bonus. So I am going to interpret that to mean that from the sounds I am hearing I have received some extra information. So I type or say to myself),

I hear one person in the room. (Now I ask my next question.) Is the door locked?

No, but…

(The answer is no but it’s not a total loss. I interpret what that means then type the following),

The door seems weak enough that I can probably kick it open.

So we’ve gotten a base system for telling stories. We then added the following:

  1. Whenever you roll a result, roll TWICE. In one universe, you get one result. In the other universe, you get another result. (With accompanying description). If you have more than three universes lying around, discard down to three. All actions/questions are for a particular universe declared by the players.
  2. (addendum) Actually, roll two dice: only split the universe if the second die comes up “1” or “2”. Otherwise, answer the question normally. This speeds things up a bit.

It was pretty fun in practice. I recommend using a text file over paper, since you’re going to do a lot of copy-paste. We had more fun with no GM than with a GM. No firm result yet on sandbox-worldbuilding vs players in scenarios; both seemed all right.