Hack-A-Day: Hack-An-Icecube (failure)

It’s november, and I’ve decided this month that I’m going to do 30 projects in 30 days. It’s an all-month hack-a-thon!

Today’s project is Hack-An-Icecube (demo, source). It’s a failed attempt to make a game in Unity3D, the game engine/framework.

This is my first failure, which I think is good! I was getting bored only attempting things I could definitely succeed at in one day. That said, running out of time is fun. Wrestling the IDE isn’t. This was mostly wrestling the IDE, setting configs, and installing software.

I won’t continue this tomorrow, I’d rather do a new project each day (It’s called Hack-A-DAY)! But I might do another Unity3D project before the month is out.

The ice cubes load and fall, and that’s it. No controls, no game. I ran out of time.

This is an attempt to recreate One Hour Jam Cannon by juzek exactly. I ran out of time, but I made some progress getting Unity to work.