2022 Year in Review

Here’s what happened in 2022 for me!


I moved from California to Ohio. I wanted to be with my friends. Also, my old place caught on fire (twice). The new place is cheap, but underground. The first order of business was installing lots of lights, and replacing my moldy old mattress.

My dad kindly lent me a car until mine showed up in September. There was lots of DMV paperwork. Not the best, but Ohio is much cheaper and easier than California in this regard. I also got health insurance, which cost almost as much as my rent.

Happily I already knew many people where I was moving, and I also started attending several meetups from meetup.com. I got to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends and family this year. I also sent out Christmas cards for the first time.


I started two D&D games in 2022. One ended before session 1, the other exploded after two months. I had a nice time playing as a player in “Index Card RPG”, though. I ran a session of lexicon, which went pretty well. We quit before getting to the letter Z, but that’s a design flaw in Lexicon–it’s way too long.

I participated in the 2022 April Fools Puzzle Contest, on #ircpuzzles. I came in 7th.

This and that

A little travel. I went to Missouri to visit friends. I got to go to my friends’ wedding in Boston.

I read “The Art of Computer Programming” volumes 1 and 2. Donald Knuth sent me a check for finding a 0x1.2 bugs.

I got a snakebite lip piercing.

I made a first-aid kit, which I’m realizing I didn’t write up. My thinking was that it’s bad to give medical advice when you don’t know anything about medicine.

I made a new blast furnace with my sister, which we never used (old one).

I made an e-ink laptop.


In November, I did Hack-a-Day, a project I conceived to do a new computer project every day of the month that I could show off to others. As part of it, I learned web sockets, webRTC, unity3D, game programming. In all, there were around 30 projects–click the link to see them all.

  • I made huge improvements to qr-backup. Its basically “done” for the CLI version.
  • I wrote youtube-autodl, a program to automatically download a feed of youtube videos and sort them into folders.
  • I wrote a video linter for my personal video collection.
  • I wrote a screenshotter, which takes one screenshot a minute of my laptop (encrypted) and archives them indefinitely.
  • I re-wrote is rick and morty out.com for Season 6.
  • I wrote record-shell and installed it on my computers. It records all shell sessions, etc including ssh sessions.
  • I wrote Doodle RPG, which I was quite proud of. It ran for a good while and tapered off. It supports mobile!
  • I did a couple late hack-a-day followups: a bug reporter and hack-a-spring (unfinished).
  • Worked on beggar-my-neighbor solver.


I was exercising daily. I kind lapsed after my ankle surgery, oops.

I stopped doing my daily morning log at some point, and didn’t fix it within 2022.

I tried an experiment with “no-computer” sundays. This was super productive one time, and less so the next. It led to the e-ink laptop, because writing a short story by hand was really painful.

I started limiting myself to one youtube video per day. That went great and I’ve kept it up.

Every year I have a checklist of things to do. I did them. Two of the more well-known are my storage cost survey and my media longevity test.

I sorted my scans into folders. I decided not to do the whole process (transcribe the handwritten documents, etc) for the thousands of scans, because it wouldn’t be worth the time. I’ll wait and see what I can do with AI in a few years, maybe.


You can read most of what I wrote here! On a blog! Of particular interest might be my new index page.

I also wrote a short story, Earth II. It’s not online because it’s bad.

I had to remove library.za3k.com because of DMCAs.