Hack-A-Day: Hack-A-Tile

It’s november, and I’ve decided this month that I’m going to do 30 projects in 30 days. It’s an all-month hack-a-thon!

Today’s project is Hack-A-Tile (demo, source). It’s a tile-matching game like dominos.

Hack-A-Tile is based on mathematical Wang tiles. It was very tempting to call it Hack-A-Wang.

If I update it, I would

  • Zoom out as you go. I think that would look cool!
  • Animate shifting over. Right now adding tiles on the top or left is visually confusing.
  • Change the tiles. These are fun mathematically, but not ideal for a game
  • Either add a maximum size, or some constraint to stop you just making one long line.