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I decided I wanted to show (restricted) data views on the web in table form. Specifically, ‘stylish.db’ is a database provided by a chrome plugin. Here’s an example script, stylish.view, which displays the contents of that. It contains a comment saying which database it’s a query on, together with the query.

-- stylish.db
SELECT style, code, GROUP_CONCAT(section_meta.value) as 'website(s)' FROM
 (SELECT styles.name AS style,
 sections.code AS code,sections.id AS sections_id
 FROM styles INNER JOIN sections ON sections.style_id = styles.id)
LEFT JOIN section_meta
 ON section_meta.section_id = sections_id
GROUP BY style;

The cool part here is that none of this was specific to stylish. I can quickly throw together a .view file for any database and put it on the web.

I add put any databases in cgi-bin/db, and add view.cgi to cgi-bin:

# view.cgi
echo "Content-type: text/html"

DB_NAME=$(head -n1 "${QUERY_FILE}" | sed -e 's/--\s*//')

echo "<html><head><title>Query on #{DB_NAME}</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="db.css"></head><body><table id=\"${DB_NAME}\">"
sqlite3 "$DB" -html -header <"${QUERY_FILE}"
echo "</table></body></html>"

I add this to apache’s `.htaccess`:

Action view /cgi-bin/view.cgi
AddHandler view .view
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