I made a new project called qr-backup. It’s a command-line program to back up any file to physical paper, using a number of QR codes. You can then restore it, even WITHOUT the qr-backup program, using the provided instructions.

I’m fairly satisfied with its current state (can actually back up my files, makes a PDF). There’s definitely some future features I’m looking forward to adding, though.

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  1. scruss says:

    nice! I’ve played with some similar ideas, using tar and QR Code output to a thermal printer. The used to be a thing (Twibright Optar, IIRC: it’s fallen off the web) that made full-page scannable codes that got an almost useful data density. But they weren’t QR Codes, so needed their own decoder.

    • admin says:

      Actually, I link to it in the FAQ, it’s still on the web. An even better version was “Paperback”, but it’s 9 years unmaintained–I’m looking into seeing if there is a maintained Linux port. Both do a lot of things right, even if they have a slightly different goal (high data density, over ease-of-use and foolproof restore).

    • admin says:

      Also, feel free to recommend me a good, cheap thermal printer. I tried to do a “poloroid” thing (take a picture of yourself with webcam, immediately print to thermal) and found that mine was shit and the heat overexposed unrelated parts. QR codes seem like a reasonable application, although I’d be concerned about the longevity of thermal paper for backups (can easily fade in heat).

      Edit: If I remember correctly, I wanted to make a thermal-paper typewriter for a zine?

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