Mail filtering with Dovecot

This expands on my previous post about how to set up an email server.

We’re going to set up a few spam filters in Dovecot under Debian. We’re going to use Sieve, which lets the user set up whichever filters they want. However, we’re going to run a couple pre-baked spam filters regardless of what the user sets up.

  1. Install Sieve.
  2. Add Sieve to Dovecot
  3. Install and update SpamAssassin, a heuristic perl script for spam filtering.

  4. There’s a lot of custom configuration and training you should do to get SpamAssassin to accurately categorize what you consider spam. I’m including a minimal amount here. The following will train SpamAssassin system-wide based on what users sort into spam folders.
  5. Make Postfix run SpamAssassin as a filter, so that it can add headers as mail comes in.

  6. Add SpamAssassin to Sieve. Dovecot (via Sieve) will now move messages with spam headers from SpamAssassin to your spam folder. Make sure you have a “Spam” folder and that it’s set to autosubscribe.

  7. Restart Dovecot
  8. Test spam. The GTUBE is designed to definitely get rejected. Set the content of your email to this:
  9. You should also be able to create user-defined filters in Sieve, via the ManageSieve protocol. I tested this using a Sieve thunderbird extension. You’re on your own here.
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