Hack-A-Day 2023 is done

Hack-A-Day 2023 is complete. I did 20 projects in 30 days. Pretty good considering I got a new job and moved!

The overview of the month is here and highly recommended.

I plan to do a little more followup this year than last. Today’s last-minute fixes:

  • Perquackey (01) works on phones, tablets, and with the mouse. There’s an easter egg that displays any words you missed at the end.
  • Typewriter (10) saves progress, and lets you type more than 1 page of content.
  • Screensaver (12) works on more screen sizes, including phones.
  • Synth (14) looks better on a phone-sized display.
  • Stuff.md (23) has an example from the database
  • Timelapse (24) has a partial video
  • Speed Reading (29) works better on a phone. It also saves your progress.
  • Music of the Spheres (30) works on a phone. It’s also louder.
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