Garden signs on wall tiles (pt 2)

I tested with one tile. Now I made signs for my whole garden.

To start, I covered each marble tile in painter’s tape.

Then, I used double-stick tape to attach labels.

I cut out the words using an x-acto knife, and removed the paper and cut-out portion.

I spray painted them. I chose a higher-contrast color because of my one-tile test.

I peeled off the tape, and voilĂ :

Lessons learned:

  • Doing a test tile was a good idea
  • It takes almost as much time to peel out the letters as cut it. I was thinking of using a laser cutter to speed things up, but it could at most halve the manual labor.
  • You should switch x-acto blades more often than you think.
  • I should have spent even more time on an easy-to-cut font. The “a”, “e”, and “r” are too hard in this font.
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