First Aid Kit


First-aid kit contents, 1x large red bag
Left pocket, survival:
Compass, Small Magnetic
Magnesium rod (under compartment) - Use with knife if lighters run out
Misc fasteners and bags (in bag)
Water purification kit. Good for about 3 person-years.
Work gloves

Right pocket, convenience:
    Baby Powder - Prevents chafing. Also consider moleskin.
    Face mask - For smoke or disease.
    Glasses, spare, for Zachary
    Nail clippers
    Petroleum Jelly - Chapped lips, protect wounds, help light tinder.
    Sleeping mask

Center compartment:
    (right) Band-aids/plasters, various sizes - Use to cover small cuts
    (right) Gauze and medicine directions
    (bottom pocket) Grill lighter
    (back) covid-19 test

    Thermometer, mouth

    Alocane-brand Lidocaine burn relief gel
    Triple Antibiotic Ointment (may not work) - contains bacitracin,
        neomycin, polymyxin. Prefer washing using sanitation bag.
    Hydrocorozone cream - treats itch and rash

    Cotton swabs (in bag) - Clean wound
    Gauze (in moleskin) - Wrap to stop bleeding, or use to clean a wound
    Gauze (loose)
    Moleskin - Patch blisters or prevent them from forming
    Liquid Skin - Superglue. Disinfect small cuts, then brush on to close.
    Q-tips - Clean wound

    Sanitation bag (see below)
    Medicine box (see back)
    Vitamins box (see back)

    Sanitation bag (in center compartment):
        Water - Clean wounds. Slightly soapy. Refill and add campsuds and
            povodone iodine to replenish.
        Campsuds - Concentrated soap.
        Povidone iodine - Use with water to create a sterile cleaning fluid.
            Doesn't work to sanitize water (need 15min+80 drops/gal)
    Medicine box (in center compartment):
        Acetaminophen, 500mg, x20 - Longer white pill labeled 5500.
            Non-NSAID pain medication. Does not reduce fever, only reduces pain
            Use for people on certain medications or for headache.
        Caffine, 200mg, x10 - Medium ycircular yellow pill labeled 44 226.
            Take half with taurine to stay awake. Caffine impairs judgement
        Calcium carbonate, 0.5g, x5 - Pastel colored large circular pills.
            Antacid. Use for heartburn.
        Ibuprofen, 200mg, x30 - Small circular red pill labeled I-2.
            NSAID anti-inflammatory. Use to reduce fever or inflammation.
            Low fevers fight diseases, don't remove them.
        Loratadine, 10mg, x30 - Small oval white pill labeled L612.
            Used to minor allergic reactions.
        Melatonin, 3mg, x10 - Small unlabeled white pill.
            Natural sleep aid. Take 1 to sleep somewhere noisy. Groggy after.
        Peptobismol, x16 - Larger pink circular pill in plastic labeled RH 046.
            Use for diarrhea or stomach upset. Recommended dose is 2.
        Pseudoephedrine HCl, 120mg extended release, x2. One per day.
        Pseudoephedrine Hcl, 30mg - One every 2-4 hours as needed.
            Use for stuffy nose. Stimulant.
        Taurine, 500mg, x5 - Medium white gel capsules. See caffine.

        Razor blade, x1
        Activated charcoal - Black powder.
            In case of poisoning, immediately induce vomiting.
            Then eat activated charcoal.
        Bentonite clay - Grey powder. Do not use.

    Vitamins box (in center compartment):
        Mulivitamin, x20 - Large green pill labeled 1.
            Take one every other day only if vitamin deficient.
            Contains enough: Vit A, Vit C, Vit D, Vit E, Vit K, B1, B2,
             Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium
             Bayer One a Day Men's Pro Edge
        Vit D, 5000 IU, x25 - Small yellow gel beads.
            Take one every 2-3 days if sick or missing sunlight.
        Zinc, 50mg, x20 - Medium white unlabeled circular pill.
            Take half a pill per day to resist getting COVID-19 or for diarrhea
        Folate, 400mcg, x20 - Small-medium white gel capsule.
            Take one every other day if missing vegetables in diet.
        Vitamin C, powder
            Take small amounts if missing fruit from diet to prevent scurvy.

        For diarrhea, oral rehydration solution. If not available, use water.
          0.5tsp salt               6tsp sugar
          0.25tsp potassium salt    1L/quart water
        Potassium chloride, powder - ORS
        Iodized table salt, powder - ORS or dehydration.

        Atorvastatin, 40mg, x50 - Medium white oblong pill labeled ATV40.
            Prescription: Take one pill daily to reduce cholesterol.
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