2020 Review

What happened in 2020? Well,

  • (General news) COVID-19 of course, and Trump left office
  • I stayed inside. I’ve been getting groceries delivered, even–I’ve been somewhere other than my house maybe twice since COVID-19 lockdown started.
  • I started watching wayyy more videos, especially video game streams.
  • I looked into buying land in Colorado and living in an RV
  • I transcribed my log books, and started coverting them all to a standard, computer-parsable format (mostly done, one left).
  • I deleted bs.
  • I figured out twitch streaming, both with a standalone capture card and on linux.
  • I got hardware random number generators to work.
  • I designed v1 and v2 of a protocol to allow a set of computers to store a large amount of content. It’s designed to back up things like the Internet Archive. I’m calling the project “valhalla”, after ArchiveTeams’s project valhalla and IA.BAK.
  • I learned to use an oscilloscope, and bit-banged SPI and I2C for a while, trying to get a 9-axis sensor to work unsuccessfully.
  • I learned how to make a pretty good pizza
  • I played a bunch of video games
  • I worked on the Lazy Beaver problem, and tied the state of the art.
  • I made a master TODO list, and finished every single TODO I had that took an hour or less.
  • I figured out how to make VMs in Linux and run them all the time
  • I got a tablet, and learned GIMP and InkScape well enough to draw some stuff.
  • I wrote a custom client for omegle
  • I did a yearly backup
  • I did various research. I learned about algorithms, data structures, RALA, and quantum physics.
  • I wrote up my cookbook and released it.
  • I wrote some blog posts 🙂
  • Four of my friends moved to Ohio, two from nearby me. I only know one person in the state I’m in well at this point.
  • A friend of mine got out of jail and got to go home.

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